dtac invites you to register a Mobile ID, a mobile number instead of a card – Siamphone.com

dtac Invite all users to register for the Mobile ID service to verify their identity in applying for the service with many agencies. The terms of service are subject to the availability of each service provider.

The Mobile ID system can also protect against various risks. nationally of illegal transactions or a deception from someone who does not wish well Whether it’s Fraud or Phishing, the Mobile ID system will help users to be more secure. in transactions with identity verification especially online transactions that is currently gaining in popularity rapidly

For dtac users who are interested in registering for Mobile ID service, they can contact dtac service center. Just bring your ID card to register for verification and take a photo of your face. to compare identity Just like this, you will be able to use Mobile ID service via dtac app with transactions of various agencies. both public and private sectors

Users who register for Mobile ID service at dtac service centers will receive a promotion free internet at top speed use social media Your favorite platforms for 7 days including Facebook, Instagram, LINE, Messenger and Twitter.


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