Dubai port set up in Mangalore; ‘Kurup’ making video

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Activists share stories and stories behind ‘Kurup’ movie. The video explains the crises that led to the filming of what happened decades ago. Director Srinath Rajendran, Dulquer Salman, Indrajith Sukumaran, Shine Tom Chacko, Sushin Shyam, Production Designer Banglan, Cinematographer Nimish Ravi, Costume Designer Praveen Verma, Sunny Wayne and Shobhita Dhulipala share their experiences.

‘The story of’ Kuruppi ‘has been a mystery in my mind for 35 years. It will be inside all Malayalees. This is the same thing that came to my mind when I started filming. I started to learn more about it. That’s when I realized that Chacko’s issue was only a small part of it, “said Srinath Rajendran.

Kurup’s character is shocked by the changes made in the old air camp found in Mysore to film the scenes after joining the Air Force. The changes brought about by art director Banglan became the lifeblood of the film. The Air Force camp was set up in a forested area with horse dung and elephant dung.

Many places in Gujarat were filmed as Mumbai in the seventies. The port of Dubai is Mangalore.


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