Dudi Amsalem revealed: This is what I will do after I retire from political life

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MK Dudi Amsalem (Likud), who was at the center of public discourse this week following the remarks he made, surprised today (Thursday) when he revealed in an interview with the ultra-Orthodox newspaper Shivi what he plans to do after retiring from political life.

“After retiring from political life I want to enter the kollel, this is my fantasy, and with the help of the name I will realize it,” Amsalem said, adding: “Without the wind with Israel it is not worth a pound. It’s a matter of time before we crumble and shatter to pieces. “

He also expressed his opinion on the issue of assimilation: “Taste, the most important and most dangerous issue among the people of Israel. In American Jewry, those who are not Orthodox are only a matter of time before they assimilate. It may happen to us in Israel. “To deal with it and convert them. This is a ticking time bomb inside the State of Israel.”


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