Dulquer Salmaan Opens Up About Daughter Mariyam Ameera Salmaan’s Birth And Wife Amal Sufia | He first met his wife Amal at school; Anna is a small child. Dulquer says she knows everything about him

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‘I’m not the only one who knows the truth. If they all really knew you there would be no single fans. I’m the only one. I know very well what the truth is about himself. No matter what anyone says, Amal will understand what he is. Others see only his positive aspects. Dulquer says that in real life, only Amal knows that he is the opposite.

Dulquer says he first met Amal on a sports day at a school in Chennai. He was five years younger than her. When I first saw her it felt like a baby. The actress also remembers that she was in trouble for stopping for the sun for Sports Day. My wife is prettier than my co-stars. Amal is a person who can understand and recognize everything. So no doubt about me or my job. The actor says that he is a very positive person.

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At the same time, Dulquer says he is still excited about the moment his daughter Mary was born. ‘Everyone in the family is a boy. At first it was thought that Amal and I would have a baby boy. I got that hint from all the doctors talking. But I wanted a baby girl. Dulquer said he wished he had seen a pink balloon in the middle of a hospital full of blue balloons that day. But then something unexpected happened.

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I’ll see Mol for the first time. Before I could see Amal, I saw Mary. The doctor came and told me to guess whether it was a boy or a girl. I was under the impression that no one was wrong. When the doctor told me to come and see, I went and looked. I did not react to the thought that it might be a boy. When the doctor told her to be careful, she realized that she was a baby girl.

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Glad I got something big, I said yes, yes, yes. Even the hospital would have been shaken by the full noise and commotion. It was the moment he cried. The nurses and others were frightened when they saw her crying suddenly. Dulquer admits that it was a bit of a relay then. The name was decided there.

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