Dulquer salmaan’s kurup have loss because of theater’s bogus says film chamber request action | Dulquar loses, Kurup’s collection reduced, Film Chamber calls for action

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Kurup played at 50 per cent capacity but in a few theaters he played above 100 per cent capacity. But this was not communicated to the rank and file. This was very controversial. The makers of the film did not even give a share of the capacity of the extra seats here. That is, the exact collection was not given by the theater owners to the producers and distributors. This was a big controversy. The fact that the film was screened with 100 per cent capacity in violation of the government’s Kovid regulations became an even bigger problem.


Fiok and the Film Chamber came out against this. There were reports that action was taken against the theater in Kozhikode and fines were imposed. Now, the Film Chamber has come out in support of the film again. Action is required against theater owners who have committed financial fraud. It is required at the Film Chamber meeting held today. While 50 per cent of the people have access, some theater owners have allowed more people into the theater. The Film Chamber alleges that this has caused huge losses to the government and the producer.


It was decided to check the CCTV of the theaters and to set up ticket missions in the theaters to prevent fraud. Fiok, meanwhile, told the Film Chamber that there was nothing wrong with taking action against fraudsters. Meanwhile, amidst controversy, Kurup is moving ahead with a big rush. The film has crossed the 50 crore mark. Earlier, Kurup was released on 505 screens. It was very crowded everywhere. All 500 shows were house full on the first day. “Dulquer is our superstar,” said Fiok president Vijayakumar.


Kurup was the savior of the theaters when Mohanlal’s Marakars decided to go for ODT in the first phase. All the theaters made good profits. After this, Marakkar decided to change the ODT release and reach the theaters. Marakkar will be released in Kerala on May 2. The booking received by Kurup prompted Marakkar to release the theatrical release. Marakkar is also getting good response. The film will be released on 3300 screens. According to the contracts signed with the theater, the business worth around Rs 50 crore will take place on the first day itself.


Marakkar is going to be the biggest seller of Malayalam cinema. Marakkar will be displayed on 600 screens in Kerala. It will be released in 1200 screens in other parts of India. More than 1500 screens will be released outside India. The film will be released in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and other languages. There will be up to six performances daily in most theaters in Kerala. The first show starts at midnight. More than 25 lakh people are sure to see the film on the first day. The average ticket revenue of Rs 200 is expected to be around Rs 50. Higher exchange rates abroad will also be considered.


At the same time, the film may gain traction in foreign markets. One of the main characters in the film is a Chinese related character. This opens up a huge market for cinema in China. The Chinese remake of the movie Drishyam had earlier been a big hit in China. Mohanlal also had a discussion with him. It is hoped that Marakkar will be able to take advantage of this. At the same time, the state government is expected to get huge revenue from the film. That is why the government has taken the initiative to bring the film to the theaters. The state government has high hopes for Mohanlal’s other films.

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