Dulquer salmaan’s kurupu is a mega hit, all allegation baseless, girija theater reply goes viral | Kurup is moving towards megahit, which is envied by the Girija Theater in support

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It has been noticed that we have to degrade the movie Kurup with the name of our theater page and carry out such fake propaganda against us. Do not believe this fake propaganda, dear Mammootty and Dulquar fans and audience. We have no problem with the wafer company. Some people spread such rumors about us thanking the Waifer company even for giving us the picture in a week’s agreement. Do not believe the fake news. Kurup is moving towards megahits. The Girija Theater said that such news was spread by those who were jealous and hostile towards us.


From the second week when a big budget film is released in all theaters, there is a preconceived notion of which theaters it will continue to play in. That’s how we chart subsequent movies with the company. Here we have no disagreement with Dulquer Salman or the distribution company Wafer Films. We will continue to release Dulquar films. Do not believe the fake news that is spreading now. Theater owner Dr Girija said he was “deeply saddened” by the spread of such fake news about us.


Recently, there was a rumor that the theater was closed due to Kovid. Now it is a blessing to have received the picture of our beloved Dulquar and fake news is being spread in our name. Girija said that no one should believe this. At the same time, the trend of enjoying fake propaganda on social media has started from November 2018. There is also evidence of those behind this. She said she was filing a complaint with the Hon’ble Chief Minister and the DGP along with the evidence.


Earlier, screenshots of Kurup saying that the film was average and that the film was being stopped due to non-cooperation of the distribution company were circulating on social media. The posts came from a fake Instagram account called Girija Theater. This is what they responded to. Earlier, there was a cyber attack by Mohanlal fans against the Girija Theater following references to Antony Perumbavoor and Ashirwad. She had said that Ashirwad’s films had to be released under a lot of pressure.


Meanwhile, Kurup has set a new record in just four days. The film has hit the 50 crore club. Dulquer Salman himself made the announcement. Kurup has been released in over 1500 screens worldwide. Kurup is also the first fast grossing film in Kerala to earn Rs 50 crore. This is too big. I just can not contain it. Dulquer added that sleepless nights, moments of crisis and doubt, and days gone by through unfamiliar and unfamiliar moments have all paid off.


I do not know how to express my gratitude in words. Thank you for welcoming us with open arms. And thank you for coming back to the theaters. Kurup is not my only success. That is the success of our team. It is our success. Lots of movies coming to theaters. Let us go back to normal life. “I would like to express my heartfelt love and gratitude to all,” Dulquer said. Kurup has been released in 505 screens in Kerala. The film collected Rs 6.5 crore on its first day. Housefull was over 500 shows.


Meanwhile, Tovino, who played Chacko in Kurup, thanked Chacko’s family and Dulquer. The name Chacko was changed to Charlie in the film. There are a number of reasons why I decided to become Charlie in Kurup. Kurup has been haunting me ever since I heard the story from Srinath. It would have been an important character if there had been very little screen time. So it was an emotional experience. The horror of the night that Chacko went through passed through me as well. Tovino said he wondered what Chuckie must have experienced that night.


Chacko was killed exactly five years before I was born. No matter how horrible Chacko’s story was, I felt that it was through me that he was destined to tell it. It is an honor to have worked with so many greats from Dulquar to Srinath. I extend my love to Chacko and his family. Charlie will be one of the most beloved and emotionally challenging characters of my career. Tovino also thanked Wafer Films for adding. Dulquer also thanked Tovino for agreeing to be Charlie.

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