During the throwing of prey food: Magad attacked the anti-rabbinate

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About a week ago, a chain of events began at Outpost 105, which is located in the Hatmar Menashe sector, as a result of which serious kosher malfunctions were discovered.

Last Friday, a soldier from Golani GDS who was on kitchen duty at the 105th outpost saw meat schnitzels being cooked in the dairy meal preparation department. The soldier reports to his commander and he reported to the Hatmar rabbis about an hour before Shabbat.

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The directive to cook schnitzels in the dairy department was given against a permanent kitchen from Battalion 334. On Saturday night, the instruction was given by the rabbi of the PKMZ through logistics officials and the rabbis of the brigade to close the kitchen until the training and judgment of the counter.

Rabbi Hetmar Menashe called the 334th Battalion Samgad and MPM on Shabbat night and updated the instruction of Rabbi Pakmarz. During the morning of last Sunday, the rabbi of the 282nd Brigade, accompanied by the Hatmar rabbinate, Menashe, arrived to conduct an investigation together with the Hasmagad.

In the course of the investigation, Hatmar Menashe’s anti-rabbinate found once again a serious kosher error of cooking potatoes in gourmet meats in a dairy oven.

The rabbinate received instructions from the command rabbis to throw away all food that was heated contrary to the instructions, the kitchen manager who accompanies the rabbinate claimed that if these are the instructions there is nothing to be done. While carrying out the instructions, according to the investigation, Majd 334 arrived and tried to stop the protester with physical violence. Following this, the protester of the rabbinate informed the rabbi of Yosh and left the kitchen.

Following the events, instructions were issued by Rabbi Pakmaz in coordination with Ra’an Koshrut: the kitchen will close immediately and will only open after training, submission of an investigation and judgment of the relevant officials. The investigation will be carried out later this evening.

Aviad Gadot, director of the Torat Lahima association, said: “The findings of the investigation show that this is a serious violation of the army’s orders, maliciously, while failing to observe the commandments of soldiers by eating forbidden food. This is something that does not exceed any standards of the logistics department, and was anticipated by Lieutenant General Michel Yanko Treat it with severity.”

“We were shocked to see the use of physical force by the battalion commander against a soldier who fulfilled his role as anchored in orders, and spilled the food. This is a very serious incident and the result of the incitement of Lieberman and the rest of the left against Judaism. The chief rabbi of the IDF, Brigadier General Rabbi Karim, is expected to fill out a complaint form and defend For his soldiers who do their job faithfully.”

The IDF spokesman: “An investigation shows that the conduct of the General Staff is not in line with the IDF’s values. The kitchen, which was closed after violating several kosher ordinances last weekend, reopened on Tuesday after it was cleared. The case will be investigated by the commanders and the procedures on the subject of hoddo kashrut.”

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