Durov announced a paid disablement of advertising in Telegram

Telegram is working on introducing the ability to disable advertisements in messenger channels. The function will be launched in November, said the founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov.

According to him, users themselves suggested adding such a function. It can be purchased as a low-cost subscription.

“Some channel creators would also like to ‘turn off’ advertisements in their channels. At the moment we are calculating the economic conditions of this option, ”he wrote in Telegram.

Advertisers will be able to place an “invisible” ad in any channel, which – provided there is sufficient cost per impression – will result in no ads in that channel, Durov added.

At the end of October, the founder of Telegram confirmed the imminent launch of advertising messages in the messenger. Revenue from such advertisements will allow Telegram to continue to provide users with a free and unlimited service.

“Telegram will not show promotional messages in the chat list, private conversations or groups. Advertising will affect only large channels – services where there is already advertising, and the support of which leads to the greatest costs on the part of Telegram, ”the message said.



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