Dusit Poll reveals that Thai people are equally concerned about COVID-19 and smallpox.

14 Aug 2022 – Suan Dusit Poll, Suan Dusit University public opinion polls across the country A total of 1,095 people between 5-11 August 2022 found that from the news of monkeypox in the media as of today, 54.34% of the population are quite worried, with some knowledge and understanding about monkeypox, 66.76 percent. Source The most trusted information among the public was data from the Ministry of Public Health, 37.17% between COVID-19 and smallpox, 41.19 percent of the public were equally concerned about both diseases, 46.58 percent said the government would be able to cope with smallpox. let the government announce Constantly giving correct information alerts 81.55%, followed by recommendations for self-protection measures to the people (60.82%).

Although the number of monkey pox cases in Thailand is still relatively low, people are concerned. This may partly be due to lessons learned from the COVID-19 epidemic. In the past, people feel no different. But with the handling of front line medical personnel who do their job very well. People therefore feel that the government should be able to cope with the new epidemic. to reduce the risks that may arise The government should therefore report the situation. Continuously provide knowledge and correct practices to the people

Professor Dr. Panawat Sanprakhon, Lecturer of Nursing and Community Faculty of Nursing Suan Dusit University Most people are concerned about monkey pox. Because the spread of infection occurs in a wide area around the world. The outlook for the outbreak is unclear and the symptoms are similar for many diseases. Monkeypox not only affects physical illnesses but also affects mental health. economy and society of the patient as well Anxiety about the appearance of blisters on the body The stigma of sex risk factors among MSM and must be isolated as with COVID-19 causing the need to stop work, which affects income At the same time, the expenditure required during treatment increases. This impact will be more severe among low-income people. Therefore, what people want from the government is to announce accurate information and call on the government to disclose facts. At the same time, people should protect themselves as well as COVID-19. as well as continuously follow up on news from the government sector

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