dy chandrachud moonlighting, I have also done moonlighting. – chief justice of india dy chandrachud says he was moonlighting as a radio jockey on air during his 20s

Moonlighting has become a topic of discussion in recent times. Moonlighting, which first sparked debate in the IT industry, later created a stir in other sectors as well.

What is moonlighting?

Moonlighting is when an employee works in one company and works in another company for additional income. This type of work is often done at night and is called moonlighting in reference to the moonlight.

Resistance to moonlighting

Leading IT company Wipro recently laid off around 300 moonlighting employees. Wipro stated that moonlighting is against the employment contract. Similarly, IT companies including TCS, Infosys, HCL have also protested against moonlighting.

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Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and Moonlighting

TY Chandrachud was sworn in as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court on November 9. In this case, Chief Justice Chandrachud said that he was moonlighting as a radio jockey on All India Radio while he was working as a lawyer.

Chief Justice Chandrachud said, “Many people do not know about this. But in my early 20s I was moonlighting as a radio jockey on All India Radio. Then I anchored programs like ‘Play it Cool’, ‘Date with You’ and ‘Sunday Request’ as a radio jockey.

My love for music continues to this day. So, everyday, after listening to lawyers’ music (lawsuits), it’s not really music, I go home and enjoy listening to real music everyday,” he said with a smile.


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