Dybala, sled return (knee ordeal). Joya-Icardi, Juventus-Psg exchange

Paulo Dybala – Mauro Icardi (Lapresse)

Dybala-Juventus, return after the break for Joya

Paulo Dybala is 100% healed: the knee of the Jewel clinically he is in place, but the striker of the Juventus he still doesn’t feel right (on changes of direction and when he kicks). This is why the Juventus club has decided not to force his return: even with Benevento the Argentine champion will not be risked. The hope is to get him back after the national team break. Andrea Pirlo he confirmed this in the last press conference: “We hope to have Paulo available immediately after the break”. Maestro also pointed out that Dybala this season was a “big absence”. Yes, because out of 50 games he only made 7 as a starter and 19 missed ones (860 minutes on the pitch, 3 goals). There you he has not seen him on the pitch since January 10 (against Sassuolo): if he returns at Easter in derby against Torino (April 3 on the eve of recovery of the championship against Napoli) will have been almost three months away from the fields.

Dybala-Juventus, Icardi-Psg: exchange idea

Not just the field. Dybala and the Juventus they must decide their future (without forgetting that also that of Cristiano Ronaldo is in the making): will he still be together or will they say goodbye? Joya’s contract expires in just over a year (30 June 2022) and a decision will have to be made this summer. Not reaching the renewal and starting next season together would then lead to the risk of Juve losing their talent on a free transfer. This is why we also look around on the international market. For months there has been talk of an exchange Dybala-Icardi with the Psg and the joint could also be right, making everyone happy: Maurito would return to Italy and Leonardo would bring a player of undisputed talent to Paris.

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Dybala-Barcelona, ​​Griezmann-Juventus: new exchange after Arthur-Pjanic?

The alternative? Comes from Barcelona (especially if Leo messi should leave: Psg in the front row). The Blaugrana have a player who fits well in a negotiation for Dybala in Spain: Antoine Griezmann. Fast forward, technical but who in the two years in Catalonia has not found those ideas that had made him great with the Atletico Madrid shirt (to the point of bringing the Barça to pay the 120 million euro release clause). The obstacle can be represented by the engagement: the 29-year-old striker of the French national team earns 18 million net, a figure that Juventus can hardly think of investing (Dybala takes 7.5 and was offered a renewal of 10 million net bonuses included ). However, Juve-Barcelona relations are excellent, we remember that last summer they led to the exchange Arthur-Pjanic and therefore there could be the premises to find a balance between card evaluation and salaries …


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