Early in the morning: Bayan’s wedding is over – the Rebbe asked without ‘Graamen’

The huge wedding of Bayan Hassidism ended without a ‘Graamen’: the Rebbe of Bayan got up to dance a mitzvah tanz without being invited by the Graamen so as not to disturb the audience | ‘In the ultra-Orthodox rooms’ with a summary of the big and talked about wedding of the Rebbe’s elder son, which was held last night with the participation of rabbis until the late hours

Thousands of Bayan Chassidim, led by the elders of Israel, participated tonight in the big wedding of the old man in the Bayan Hasidic court, and was held at the Disity complex in Mishor Adumim.

A special moment was recorded during the ‘Mitzvah Tanch’ at the height of the wedding, when the thousands of Hassidim were eagerly waiting for the Rebbe’s ‘Mitzvah Tanch’ dance in honor of the marriage of his elders, but then a great drama took place that surprised those present.

The Garma’er, the owner of the musician Rabbi Israel Adler, who in recent days prepared a special Garma’an in honor of the Rebbe in combination with the Bayan Chassidim Choir, was called in a panic to the Rebbe. The Rebbe asked him what his name was and he answered, ‘Israel’ because of Beit Yisrael Magor. The Rebbe in response told him that when the Beit Yisrael Rebbe asked something from the followers, they immediately did his will like soldiers.

The Rebbe continued and said “I ask you for forgiveness and forgiveness and a personal favor. I don’t want Grama’an, just to play the song and go dance”, and so it was.

One of the Hasidim describes what happened in those minutes, “At first the Hasidim were disappointed, but in fact no one was missing the Grama’an anymore, the Bayan Hasidim were overjoyed at the dance that the Rebbe danced in the Mitzvah Tanz with the bride as well as with his son. With affection and joy that is hard to describe and that left a great impression on the audience.”

Among others, the rebbes of Sanz, Carlin Stolin, Rachmastrivka, Arlevy, Sadigora, Kopitsinitz, Waslevy, Bohosh, Pinsk Karlin, Levitsk, Pittsburgh, Mishkent of the Shepherds, Garlitz, Skollen Jerusalem, Shumori Emonim Jerusalem, Trisk, Shebet HaLevi, participated in the Beit Bayan celebration. Kuznitz, G.A. Skolen B.V., A.D. Tchartkov London, G.M. Auerbach Tel Aviv

In addition, the following participated: the Overseer of the High Court Rabbi Dan Segal, the Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef, the Gaon Rabbi David Cohen Rabbi Hebron, the Rabbi Eliezer Yehuda Finkel Rabbi Mir, the Rabbi of Jerusalem the Rabbi Shlomo Moshe Amar the Chief Rabbi and the Rabbi Rabbi Yitzhak David Grossman.

Watch the video, the Rebbe conducts a dialogue with Rabbi Israel Adler and the stormy dances:


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