Easily retrieve deleted messages and videos from the phone

Mobile phones have become more popular in recent years, as it is a small tool that can store thousands of data and files, but when videos or data are lost, it is very annoying. In this article, we will learn how to retrieve deleted messages and videos from the phone through the network website.

The problem of deleted photos and videos is one of the most important problems that you face in your mobile phone, so many users are looking for how to easily recover lost photos, videos and data on the mobile phone.

Ways to recover deleted messages and videos from the phone

Recover deleted videos from the phone

We offer you a set of ways to recover deleted videos from the phone, including:

Search the trash

This method is a good way to recover your deleted messages in the trash, where they are stored for a while waiting until you import them through the following steps:

  • Log in to the email address where you deleted the data.
  • Go to the email window and then click on the trash can icon, it will appear on the left side of the email window.
  • The messages will be displayed, by selecting the messages you wish to recover.
  • Click Move at the top of the window, then choose the location you want to retrieve the messages again, then choose Inbox, the messages will be retrieved to your inbox.

Check the backup server

This service retrieves deleted messages and permanently deleted emails, as the application features a simple user interface, through the following steps:

  • Find the Outlook web app and sign in to the account.
  • Click on the Deleted Items folder.
  • Select the messages you want to retrieve and click on Move and select the folder as Inbox.

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Recover deleted messages by requesting the support team

You can request support from the Gmail support team in order to retrieve emails and this is done through:

  • Head over to the message recovery tool.
  • Fill out the form with account details like know email and problem description.
  • Once you are done filling in the details click on submit.
  • You will be notified of the results of your operation immediately.
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Recover deleted messages

Your videos may be accidentally deleted from the phone memory after formatting or external memory, or because the screen was broken or the phone was infected with viruses and software, which makes you look for the recovery of deleted videos from the phone, and among these applications:

تطبيق Deleted Video Recovery

Deleted Video Recovery

This application will help you to recover videos that you deleted from the phone memory or from the external SD Card, as this application has many advantages, including no need to root the phone at all and does not need to be connected to the Internet during the recovery process, in addition to providing Deep scan feature to search for videos after the scanning process so you can choose the videos you want to recover.

Application Features

  • It does not require root privileges.
  • Easy and simple user interface that does not require experience in dealing.
  • The application has the ability to recover deleted videos.
  • Ability to preview videos before restoring.

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Retrieving deleted videos from the phone is one of the things that all mobile phone users care about in order to retrieve videos, photos or files that were accidentally deleted or due to mobile phone damage.


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