East Issues Protocol.. A good start for all of Sudan!!

East Issues Protocol.. A good start for all of Sudan!!

Haider Sheikh Hilal

The framework agreement document paid special attention to eastern Sudan, as it is one of the regions that were subjected to blatant marginalization throughout the eras of national governments that came to power over Sudan since the dawn of independence. stability and growth throughout the country

Despite my disagreement with some of the provisions that came in the framework agreement, I was pleased that the East received its share of sufficient attention in this document, and it seems that those who drafted it learned the lesson of the consequences of ignoring this vital region, as Hamdok’s civil government did, and Hamdok has a region of course! In ignoring the representatives of the East who came at the time to reason with him, as they were not whether they were civil administrations, some beneficiaries, and the remnants of the rescue, but the political wisdom required him not to ignore such influential personalities on their bases at the time and to go along with them so that they would not be inclined to what they deviated to in terms of sabotage that contributed greatly to the failure Transitional period.

Among the five protocols included in the framework agreement is the Fifth Protocol, which deals with the issues of the East. This protocol elaborated on the issues of the East in a sufficient and extensive manner, which will establish a serious launch that will return to it and the country stability and development, as it covered a large area of ​​its sensitive and important issues, only requiring the seriousness of the signatories and the concerned parties. ! .

By mentioning the concerned parties, we are amazed at the practices of some of the plaintiffs who appointed themselves as guardians of it, and the East is innocent of them and their practices.

Yesterday’s enemies, today’s allies, whose own interests made it necessary for them to shake hands with each other in the context of searching for a foothold between the alliances of the center after they had flown away from their homeland and its concerns. And pure souls, this time they begin to cause confusion by trying to close the main roads in the east, in which they have failed with distinction so far, but the dangerous and unprecedented indicator is to see these armed fragmentation in a blatant challenge to the prestige of the state and the initiation, beyond any doubt, of militancy and banditry! .

Naturally, it is known who is behind them. The framework agreement on its defects is an indication of the acquiescence of the military and their conviction of failure, and that the solution to the crisis in which they forced the country will only be through a political process in which each party makes logical concessions to reach a formula that will get the country out of its current crisis.

This acquiescence is indicative of the strength, fortitude, and weight of the Central Council, which succeeded in dismantling the military alliance with the cartoon democratic bloc behind which the (Kizan) was barricaded.

And since the signing of the agreement is imminent, the Kizan has no choice but to move these puppets to close the roads and create confusion in the East, but they have forgotten that these cards have burned themselves by themselves in the course of their practices, and that the person of the East has become fully aware and armed with sufficient awareness that enables him to realize his interests away from those who manipulate him .

I call on all the sons of the East, with all their stripes, differences in their faces, loyalties, and political affiliations, even those who are negligent, to grasp this document, study their protocol, and work to enforce it as much as possible.


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