East Jerusalem: Lynch Experience in the Family; Fireworks fire on homes • Watch

by time news

Arabs tried to carry out a severe lynching of a Jewish family in East Jerusalem this evening (Saturday). The family car was attacked with rocks and the car windows were smashed. Some members of the family were injured and evacuated to the hospital for treatment.

The father of the family was forced to use his personal weapon and miraculously rescue his wife and four children from the scene. The Jerusalem Police said that a report had been received about throwing stones, Molotov cocktails and firing fireworks at a vehicle and at a house in the Ras al-Amud area of ​​East Jerusalem. As a result, a number of lightly injured casualties were reported at the scene.

Police also said that the shooting took place in the air and that the circumstances are being investigated at this time. “Police forces called to the scene acted to disperse the rioters using means to disperse riots,” we updated. Adv. Haim Bleicher from the Department of Crime Victims from the Honno organization assists the family members.

Meanwhile, tonight a wounded man was reported in the Yemenite village. “The security situation in the Yemenite village in the city of David is frightening,” say the residents of the neighborhood. Tonight, a wounded man was taken to a hospital and the residents of the neighborhood felt helpless: “There is live firing, fireworks, throwing Molotov cocktails. The place has become a wild west.”

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