Easter sweets, special on Sky with Sal De Riso, Luigi Biasetto and …

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Easter sweets, special on Sky with Sal De Riso, Luigi Biasetto, Andrea Tortora and Roberto Rinaldini

EASTER DESSERTS: TV SPECIALS WITH SAL DE RISO, LUIGI BIASETTO, ANDREA TORTORA AND ROBERTO RINALDINI – Sal De Riso, Luigi Biasetto, Andrea Tortora and Roberto Rinaldini, four of the most famous pastry chefs in Italy, are the protagonists of the second edition of Dolci di Pasqua, broadcast on Sky One e NOW on 27 March at 5.50 pm (repeated on 28 March at 11.30 am, on 3 April at 5.50 pm and on 4 April at 10.40 am) and free-to-air on TV8 on 3 and 4 April at 11.30. The specials dedicated to Easter culinary traditions unfold on a tasty journey along the whole peninsula.

Easter sweets returns with the second edition and leads us to the sweetest holiday of the year through the discovery of Italian confectionery delicacies and the creative interpretations of the four famous pastry chefs. The episodes are a mosaic of flavors, a symphony of scents, an explosion of nuances and curiosities about the Easter traditions of the Belpaese. Ample space is given to the Pastry Masters in the role of four exceptional storytellers: the King of the Amalfi Coast Laughing Salt, the stylist of dessert Roberto Rinaldini, the World Champion Luigi Biasetto and the face of contemporary pastry Andrea Tortora.

The first stop is Minori and the opening episode features Sal De Riso and the splendid Amalfi Coast who, with its unmistakable aromas and unique flavors, has always influenced the production of the famous pastry chef. The top quality ingredients of the territory are at the origin of the new Easter creation of Sal De Riso, presented during the special: Spring Wind. In the second stage of the first episode, the sweetest tour on TV goes up the peninsula to Padua to visit Luigi Biasetto, trained in Belgium. His inventions are born precisely from the harmony between Northern European influences and the classic elegance of Venetian artists, between the secrets of the renowned Brussels chocolatiers and the Venetian culinary tradition. A heritage which also includes the Fugasse, typical leavened products where it is said that the engagement ring for their companions was hidden. During the episode, the creativity, rationality and elegance of the World Champion Biasetto converge in the delicious chocolate-covered Colosseum.

The journey into the Italian confectionery tradition continues on the shores of Lake Garda, where the face of contemporary pastry Andrea Tortora he tells how he enjoyed experimenting with the most classic object of Easter celebrations, the one that for him is its synthesis and emblem: the Chocolate Egg. Tortora aims to enhance the substance and the taste of his creations, aiming at essentiality. During the special we witness the preparation of an ideal delicacy for waking up, a reinterpretation of the Buchteln, called Andrea’s Breakfast. The Easter tour ends by disembarking in Rimini, where Roberto Rinaldini reveals the secrets of the donuts prepared by the azdore, queens of Easter on the Romagna Riviera. The rise of the pastry chef, protagonist of the last part of the specials, began in the former family hotel. His visionary flair led him to open stores throughout Europe and to create unique delicacies for both the palate and the sight. Easter cakes ends with the preparation of the Robert Rabbit pistachio cake, his latest invention.

Dolci di Pasqua is produced by Food Media Factory, which proposes itself on the market as the first Italian reality able to conceive, position and manage integrated and complete projects in the food sector from the conception to the realization of catering formats and events with strategic plans multichannel communication. Level 33 is the executive producer of the specials, made with the collaboration of: Asti Spumante and MOSCATO D’ASTI Docg, the Piedmontese bubbles that bring the scent of a unique grape into the glass with a strong link with the Unesco Heritage production area, whose consumption opportunities are increasingly numerous, thanks also to the new types with low residual sugar; Hausbrandt Trieste 1892, which for more than a century has been synonymous with coffee in the world and exports Italian taste and tradition to over 90 countries; Cesarin Spa, a leading company in the production of semi-finished fruit and vegetables for the pastry, ice cream and food industry; Molino Dallagiovanna, producers of the best flours for pastry and all sectors of the White Art since 1832, passionately passing on the tradition from generation to generation; Molino Colombo, synonymous with excellence and reference for flours linked to the world of pastry and leavened pasta thanks to the uniqueness of its slow grinding; and Italia Zuccheri, the only 100% Italian sugar, from sustainable agriculture, which comes from the care of its farming partners.

DOLCI DI PASQUA: broadcast on March 27 at 5.50 pm on Sky Uno (channel 108, digital terrestrial channel 455), always available on demand, visible on Sky Go, on smartphones, tablets and PCs, even when traveling in the countries of the Union European, and streaming on NOW. Reruns will be held on 28 March at 11.30, on 3 April at 17.50 and on 4 April at 10.40. Free on TV8 on 3 and 4 April at 11.30.

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