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time.news. Tomorrow, Sunday and Monday, during the three days of Easter, Abruzzo, as well as all of Italy, will be in the red zone. There are, however, exceptions for second homes and for visits to friends and relatives, allowed once a day within regional borders. We explain what can be done on April 3, 4 and 5 by answering the 20 most frequently asked questions on the prohibitions to be respected.
From 7 to 30 April, then, the rules of the new Draghi decree just approved will be in force. For one month, all regions will be in orange or red bands. But there is an exception that allows the slowdown of containment measures and the possible reopening of bars and restaurants based on the progress of the epidemic and the state of implementation of the vaccination plan, especially on the frail and the elderly.
All the news of the new decree are shown in the table that we publish next. But let’s go back to what can be done in the three days of the red zone for the Easter holidays. Here are the 20 clarifications.
1) Is the curfew in effect?
“Yes from 10 pm to 5 am”.
2) Can I leave the house?
“Only for reasons of work, health and urgency with self-certification”.
3) Can I go to another region?
“Only for reasons of work, health and urgency with self-certification”.
4) Is it possible to visit friends and relatives?
«Yes, a maximum of two people are allowed to move to another inhabited private home in the same region once a day, between 5 and 22, in addition to those already living together in the destination home. The person or two people who move can still bring with them children under 14 (or other children under 14 over whom the same people exercise parental authority) and disabled or non self-sufficient people living with them “.
5) Is it possible to leave the municipality to go shopping?
“Yes, if in your municipality there are no sales points or in the event that a municipality adjacent to your own” presents an availability, even in terms of greater economic convenience. “
6) Is it possible to organize an Easter lunch with friends or relatives?
“Inside one’s own homes it is recommended to stay with cohabitants and in any case in case of meetings it is advisable to keep the mask and the distance”.
7) Is it possible to have a picnic on Easter Monday or organize an outdoor lunch?
“No, because in the red zone it is forbidden to leave one’s home except for proven needs”.
8) Can you take a walk?
“Yes, but near your home.”
9) Is it possible to do physical activity?
“Yes, only individual outdoors”.
10) Is it possible to go out of the ordinary to do sports?
“Only by bicycle or running, you can not go with the car.”
11) Can I go to second homes?
“Yes, but only the family unit by proving to have the title before January 14, 2021 and provided that the house is not inhabited by others. There are Regions that have however banned or limited entry ».
12) Are the shops open?
“The markets, clothing and footwear stores are closed. As well as hairdressers, barbers and beauty centers. Hypermarkets, supermarkets and discount stores are open tomorrow. As well as newsagents, tobacconists, bookstores, pharmacies and parapharmacies, computer stores, electronics, household appliances, hardware stores, petrol stations, laundry and toy stores, nurseries. At Easter only pharmacies, newsagents and tobacconists are open. Supermarkets are also closed. Same thing on Easter Monday ».
13) Can I go to the bar or restaurant?
«They are closed for public access but open for take-away in the following ways: from 5 to 18, without restrictions; from 6pm to 10pm, it is forbidden for subjects whose main activity is that of a bar without a kitchen, but it is allowed to wine bars and wineries “.
14) Is it possible to ask for home delivery?
“Yes, without time limits.”
15) Can couples living in different cities meet?
“They can do it in the place where you have your residence, domicile or home”.
16) Can I go to church?
“Yes, but you have to go to the church closest to home.”
17) Can separated or divorced people join minor children?
“Yes, the trips to reach the minor children with the other parent or in any case with the foster, or to bring them with you, are always allowed”.
18) Is it possible to travel for tourism in Italy?
“It is not allowed to move between the regions until April 30, except for reasons of work, health and necessity”.
19) Can I travel abroad?
“Yes, but on returning to Italy in most cases it is mandatory to undergo a swab.”
20) Can I travel to reach the airport?
“Yes, for tourism trips abroad you can also move from another region”.
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