Ebbelwei and Handkäs’ in the Kleinmarkthalle

Knot to believe that someone didn’t come up with the idea sooner. A miniature Ebbelwei economy in the Kleinmarkthalle – that’s actually obvious. But somehow that obviously never happened until a few weeks ago when Frank Winkler opened his “Home in the Kleinmarkthalle”: a small, open bar on the gallery, right next to “Franco’s Oyster Bar Mare Blu”.

For many years, Frank Winkler and his wife Pia have made a valuable contribution to the city’s culinary heritage. First they revived the traditional “Lorsbacher Thal” in Alt-Sachsenhausen in 2014 and made it one of the most popular bars in the district under the name “Daheim im Lorsbacher Thal”, then a few years ago they spruced up the good old Affentorschänke and turned into a “home” branch – and now they bring Frankfurt specialties and a bit of Sachsenhausen conviviality to the Kleinmarkthalle.

Mini bratwurst on mashed potatoes

The menu in the small restaurant is similar to that in the mother house: There is home cooking, of course Frankfurter schnitzel, green sauce with eggs, Spundekäs’ with bread, Handkäs’ with music, as well as changing daily specials and a selection of appetizers for 6.30 euros each Sausage salad, mini meatballs and mini bratwurst on mashed potatoes to beetroot salad with trout.

Head chef Bernd Schweizer stands in the open kitchen, and the old “home” motto that Winkler used to apply “no finished products, no deep fryer, no tricks”.

If you like, you can even try it at home, because many of the dishes are also available in glasses to take away. In addition, wine and beer and, above all, a changing selection of pints from the 300-sort menu of the parent company on Große Rittergasse are served. This not only attracts tourists to the Hallen-Galerie, but of course also makes the locals happy.

At home in the Kleinmarkthalle, Hasengasse 5-7, Frankfurt, Internet www.lorsbacher-thal.de. Open Tuesday to Saturday 8am to 6pm.


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