Ebola spreads in Uganda; Doctor died, 65 health workers in quarantine

Ebola spreads in Uganda; Doctor died, 65 health workers in quarantine

Kampala: Ebola virus spreads in Uganda. This has increased concern in the East African region.

At least 65 health workers who came into contact with the infected have been quarantined following the spread of the virus, AFP reported, citing a health ministry spokesman.

In central Uganda, where more cases have been reported, at least six health workers have been infected with the virus, the report said.

Health Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Ainebyoona told Xinhua news agency that some health workers infected with Ebola will remain in their homes for the 21-day observation period.

“We are monitoring them for 21 days. We believe they have been in contact with suspected Ebola patients.

They are in isolation, but in their homes. The situation is under control,” Ainbuena said.

A Tanzanian doctor died of Ebola on Saturday in the western Ugandan district of Kabarole. This doctor is the first health worker to die in the current Ebola outbreak.

Due to this, the concern has increased in the country.

It was last September 20 that the Ebola outbreak was confirmed again in Uganda. A 24-year-old man was the first to be diagnosed with the virus.

As of September 30, Uganda’s Ministry of Health said the country had 38 confirmed cases and eight deaths.

A variant of the Ebola virus first reported in Sudan in 1976 is currently spreading in Uganda. There is no approved vaccine, drug or treatment for this strain of Ebola that is spreading in the country, which is the main reason for the increased concern.

Experts say current vaccines are ineffective against this strain.

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