Ecologists say no to a meeting with Elisabeth Borne on post-retirement

Ecologists say no to a meeting with Elisabeth Borne on post-retirement

When it does not want … This Saturday, environmentalists announced that they were declining the proposal for a meeting with Elisabeth Borne to discuss the post-pension reform, judging that it is necessary to “appease” the country by withdrawing or at least suspension of the project, joining the boycott of La France insoumise and the French Communist Party.

The leader of the EELV party, Marine Tondelier, as well as the bosses of the ecological groups in the Assembly and the Senate, Cyrielle Chatelain and Guillaume Gontard, refuse to “participate in the communication exercise” of the Prime Minister, charged by Emmanuel Macron to build a government program and a legislative program.

“Above ground and disconnected”

Élisabeth Borne invited from next week the parliamentary groups and parties in order to “appease the country” and “discuss with all the actors on the method”. But wanting to “turn the page” seems “above ground and disconnected from the state of nerves” of the French, believes Marine Tondelier, according to whom “the country is not ready for it and neither are we”.

“We have to do things in the right order”, also considers Guillaume Gontard, recalling the meeting scheduled for Wednesday between the inter-union and the head of government, then the decision on April 14 of the Constitutional Council on the reform and the request for a referendum. shared initiative (RIP).

Cyrielle Chatelain recalls the “consultations” already carried out by the Prime Minister since last summer: each time it was a question of “staged the dialogue without ever listening and moving”. “The new method must be embodied” in the facts. Within the left alliance Nupes, only the socialists have not yet made known their position on this new cycle of meetings at Matignon.

A Republican procession Tuesday in front of the Elysée

Communist parliamentarians are also at the initiative of a “republican procession” Tuesday morning, from the Assembly to the Elysée, to ask the president to withdraw the reform. Ecologists should not join in, not wanting to “leave it to one man”, but rather to rely on “the institutions”.

On the other hand, they obtained an appointment in another setting with the Prime Minister “to talk about the maintenance of order, the climate of violence against environmental activists and the necessary appeasement”. This meeting will take place on Tuesday, said the entourage of Marine Tondelier.


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