Economic dilemmas generate chaos in society | Cuyo’s diary

Economic dilemmas generate chaos in society |  Cuyo’s diary

2023-05-30 11:00:02

It is possible that among the most efficient practices to manipulate and deceive is to impose false dichotomies. It is when “me or chaos”, or “there was no other option”, among various examples of stealthy purpose, often slips into the public sphere. It is pertinent to clarify that alternatives are normally presented, but their falsification is intentional. If the arguments around the role of the State are analyzed, abundant examples of spurious and always abysmal dilemmas will be found. With affectation of prudence and wisdom, it is often said that “the public school must have as a priority to contain, otherwise we run the risk of social disintegration.” Beyond never defining what the action of “containing” would consist of, such a dilemma has not been registered in the facts. What reality has imposed fluctuates between declining inertia and the multiplication of private schools, despite their increasingly onerous condition.

If we focus on the issue of security, the basic justification for the false dichotomies has generally been: “Since crime is a consequence of capitalism, a socializing system will be imposed, and the supposed transgressions of the law will gradually disappear.” The multiplication of criminal acts, increasing in severity, number and cruelty, also refute this rigged and not very innocent dichotomy. In Rosario (Santa Fe), in addition to almost one daily murder, there are between 15 and 20 shootings per day in the middle of the street, with the general exposure to fatality that this implies. The mayor of Rosario has assured that “95% of crimes are ordered from federal prisons.” But ordering Argentine prisons according to an isolation scheme, in the manner of El Salvador under the presidency of Nayib Bukele, would be anathema here. The only viable alternatives seem to be those proposed by the relentless false options. After the fallacious rhetoric devastates all traces of civilization, the dilemma that ends up being imposed is between security and chaos. It is where Haiti is located today. The State was not frontal with crime, giving it interstices from which it consolidated and spread. Gangs were formed that took control of everything. Human Right Watch reports that they control strategic areas, such as fuel distribution, thus blocking trade, health, education, etc. According to the United Nations, 40% of the population experiences severe food insecurity. This has made all verbal hoaxes offensive, forcing the population to choose between chaos or survival. Last April, 160 criminals were hunted down and lynched in Haiti, many have been burned alive. Faced with the ineffectiveness of the State, the citizens of the Antillean country chose this path, which will undoubtedly leave a fateful mark on society. Because they are not containing the violence with the judicial institution, but with “justice” by their own hand. Conceptual chaos invariably leads to chaotic reality.

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