Eden Ben Zaken does not digest: ‘Thank the Creator of the world for the privilege’

The successful singer Eden Ben Zaken shared with her followers on social networks her birth experience, during which her first daughter was born this week, a sister to her eldest son Michel.

“I don’t digest at all, but I’m a mother of two,” Ben Zaken began the post. “I have no words to describe this crazy experience called birth, which this time was stronger and more powerful than ever. A moment I will never forget.”

“I have to thank all the people who surrounded me and took care of me, without whom nothing would have been the same. To my Shuki, my partner, my greatest love and the most amazing father in the world, to my mother, my guardian angel, and to all my dear family, to Dr. Ronit Almog, a special thank you to the one and only , how much I love you and what you did for me I will never forget, you are one in a million I don’t know how I would have gone through this experience without you enters my heart the deepest.”

“To the Ichilov Hospital and the dedicated staff, Ilana the midwife who supported me in the best possible way and Carolyn the dear anesthetist. To the Lis Hotel for the service, the warm attitude, the love and concern that ensured we had a soft landing. Thank you to Bugbo for the fast delivery and excellent service. Thank you to the Creator of the world for the privilege, for the gifts The biggest in my life – my Michelle and the little princess.”

“And to you dear audience, thank you for all your love. I read everything and accept everything, and I promise you that very soon I will love you back.”


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