Eden Hasson proved that he knows how to combine with genius between bouncy hits and emotional ballads

The singer and composer, Aden Hasson, broke into the music world by storm with the song “May something stop me”, and since then every song of his has immediately become a hit. In 2022 Hasson became the most played singer on “Apple Music” and on “Spotify”, with each of his songs reaching millions of plays. In the meantime, the singer appeared last weekend in a series of three huge shows at Hichal Menorah in Tel Aviv in front of tens of thousands of fans.

The concert opened with the hit “Red Sunsets” that came out about two years ago, while Hassan plays the grand piano. Instead of opening the evening with a bouncy song that doesn’t allow you to sit on the chair, Hason chose a melancholy song with an optimistic message. The message is that you don’t have to start with a crazy show (which came later), but calmly, quietly and delicately. Hasson’s genius is expressed in the fact that he knows how to accurately combine his bouncy songs with the moving ballads, when the audience needs the “happy” and when the audience needs the “quiet”.

Eden Hasson Photography: Daniel Strabo Courtesy: “Girtz Productions”

The team of dancers that appeared on stage added color and interest to the performance

Hassan did not appear alone on the stage. The team of dancers that appeared on stage worked in an amazing and impressive way that added color and interest to the performance. One of the sweetest moments in the concert was when Hasson began to sing the hit “Children like this”. The dancers, a boy and a girl, danced around Hasson while pronouncing the words of the song with their movements.

Photography: Omri Silver

In the middle of the show, Hasson hosted the singer and composer, Natan Goshen as a surprise, and together they performed one of Goshen’s biggest hits on stage: “I came to dream”. In addition, Goshen performed the single “Two Children in the World” which was released about two years ago. In my opinion, even though it is a new song, Goshen should have chosen a different hit that would make the hall jump, for example “Missing you” or “Chaim Hafishim”.

Although he lacked exposure and sharing – Eden provided an amazing, exciting and extremely enjoyable performance

Hasson closed the show with the hit “I’ve grown a bit old”, who previously stated in a post he published on Instagram that “I have to release this song”. I was a little missing in the performance a little exposure on the part of Hasson, who would share with the audience more about the essence of this song in his eyes and the story behind this song. People mainly come to hear the performances live, but also want a little more, that the transitions between the songs are not so sharp. Despite this, there is no doubt that Aden provided an amazing, exciting and extremely enjoyable performance.

Eden Hasson // Hichal Menorah // 23.3.23


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