Edward’s hobby: to go out with metal detectors to the shores of Ashdod and return losses to their owners

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Edward .m. (37) Ashdod has always wanted a metal detector through which it could find casualties on the beaches as many around the world do and post on social media. Together with his wife Tania, he set up a Facebook group for finding lost and volunteered to help others find valuables lost to them in the sands: “We need to see the happiness on their faces”

For almost a year now, Edward M.M. (37) And Tania his wife help the residents find valuables that they lost on the beaches of Ashdod, but not only. For this purpose, they set up the group “Lost-Reality on the Ashdod Beach” where they advertise on objects they found in the sands and others publish on objects they lost.

It all started about three years ago, when Edward purchased his metal detector and made searching the sands of the beaches a hobby. “You know” – he says, “I’ve always seen these videos of guys in the world finding all sorts of things in the sands, and I always wanted my own metal detectors.”

“It was not easy to find one, but about three years ago I found it and it became a real hobby” – he adds. “I started finding things in the sands and really saw valuable objects as well and realized I should try to return them to their owners, so I posted about it on Facebook and later my wife and I set up the group.”

Edward and Tania with the metal detectors.  Private photography

While searching with the metal detectors on the city’s beaches, he says that he has already come across valuable bracelets and jewelry made of silver and gold, necklaces, silver and more. On the way he also gets to clear the beach when he encounters metal objects buried under the sand.

“As soon as I find something valuable, I post about it on Facebook and whoever recognizes it as his failure should give more details about the object that only I know and that’s how I understand that it is his” – he says. “If no one has approached me for months / half a year I sell it.”

Apart from the losses he finds and publishes about them to return to their owners, the group members he set up with his wife on Facebook and open to the general public, can always post about an object they have lost and he happily and voluntarily goes out with them to find the loss.

Of the losses found.  Private photography

“A few months ago, for example, one girl published that she had lost a valuable earring she received from her grandmother” – he recounts one of the cases in which he took part. “We got to where it happened and within minutes we found the earring.”

“In another case, we found one gourmet bracelet he received from his father for a bar mitzvah in the dunes in Ashdod,” he adds. “For someone else we found the car keys … you do not understand what happiness everyone had on the face.”

If you too have lost a valuable metal object on the beaches or in the sands of Ashdod, you are welcome to post about it in the group of Edward and Tania and know that there is someone who will help you find what you have lost. For the Facebook group “Lost Reality on the Ashdod Beach” click here!

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