Egypt Court Letter to Parliament demands to broadcast Execution | Death sentence of student killer should be broadcast on TV: Court requests

An Egyptian court has demanded a law change to allow live broadcasts of executions, sparking shock. In a letter written by the court to the Parliament, “Live broadcasting of the death penalty will serve the purpose of punishment. Although this step is only a part of the beginning, the goal can be achieved. This letter has now attracted international attention. The background of this strange request of the court is also surprising.

An Egyptian court has asked the law to be changed to allow the execution of a man who killed a female student to be broadcast live. Mohammad Adel murdered his fellow student Nayera Ashraf. The student confessed to the murder.

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He pleaded guilty during a two-day trial of the student who committed the murder. Mansoura Criminal Court tried the case and sentenced Adele. It also demanded that Parliament amend the law governing capital punishment to allow for live broadcast of executions.

In this regard, the court wrote in a letter to the Parliament, stating that “broadcasting, activities, though only part of the beginning, will help achieve the goal”.

In June, a video of Ashraf’s murder at a university in Mansoora went viral. Netizens were shocked to see this video.

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Egypt ranks third in the list of countries that carry out executions worldwide in 2021. It imposes the death penalty on murderers.

But executions, even when imposed by the judiciary, are rarely carried out in public or televised.

Although state television broadcast the execution of three men in Cairo in 1998 for murdering a woman and her two children, this has been an exception.

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In recent months, femicides in Egypt have sparked widespread shock and outrage. The death of TV anchor Shaima Kamal in June caused a sensation in North Africa.

In Egypt, patriarchal laws and strict Islamic restrictions have made it impossible for women to exercise their rights. According to a 2015 United Nations survey, nearly eight million Egyptian women have been abused in public by their partners, family or strangers.

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