Egypt discovers over 2,000 mummified ram heads

Egypt discovers over 2,000 mummified ram heads

This Sunday (26), the government of Egypt announced that more than two thousand mummified ram heads were found in the Temple of Ramses II, which is located in Abydos, 550 km south of the capital Cairo, a place famous for its necropolis.

According to the country’s Ministry of Antiquities and Tourism, New York University archaeologists also exhumed other animals such as sheep, dogs, goats, cows, gazelles and mongooses. All finds date back to the Ptolemaic dynasty.

One of the mummified ram’s heads found in Egypt. Image: Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities

For the director of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Mostafa Waziri, “these discoveries will allow us to better understand the temple of Ramses II and the activities that took place between its construction – during the 6th dynasty of the Old Kingdom (between 2,374 and 2,140 BC) – and the Ptolemaic period (323 to 30 BC)”.

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In the same statement, the head of the American team, Professor Sameh Iskandar, explained that the ram’s heads served as offerings, which may indicate a kind of cult to Pharaoh Ramses II, carried out centuries after his death.

In addition to the animal mummies, the team of archaeologists found remains of a palace with walls nearly five meters thick, statues, papyrus, remains of centuries-old trees, clothes and leather shoes from the 6th dynasty.

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