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Microsoft has started rolling out a new update for its Edge web browser. The update brings version 104 to the browser and is now available for download for Edge users. The update brings a host of new features and improvements.

Ability to import Chrome data without installing

The most important feature offered by the Edge 104 update is the ability to import Chrome data even if Chrome is not installed on your system. The new feature is useful, and it also appears that Microsoft is adding new features to help people transition completely from Chrome to Edge.

This may seem confusing, but it is actually very simple, as almost every web browser allows users to migrate their data from one browser to another, however, for this to happen, you first need to install the browser on your device and then import its data to another browser. Microsoft users to directly login to their Google account and import data, there is no need to install Google Chrome on the device.

security improvement

Microsoft Edge is indeed a very secure web browser. With 104 updates, things seem to be getting better. The company has added a new base level as the security mode. This mode will be your web browser’s primary security mode to ensure maximum compatibility with a wide variety of websites.

On: 08-10-2022

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