Egypt news | Science and Technology / Saturn reaches the closest point to Earth in the sky of Qatar tomorrow

The Qatari Calendar House announced that the planet with wonderful rings (Saturn) will reach its closest point to Earth on Sunday evening, during a phenomenon known as “Saturn’s encounter with the sun.”

Today, Saturday, the Qatar News Agency (QNA) quoted Dr. Bashir Marzouk, an astronomer at the Qatar Calendar House, as saying that the phenomenon of Saturn’s encounter with the sun is an important astronomical phenomenon, because Saturn can be seen and monitored in the sky of Qatar with the naked eye almost all night from Sunday evening until Monday sunrise.

He added that Saturn will appear brighter and larger than other days, as it will be at a distance of 13.37 million km from the center of the Earth, which is the closest distance between Saturn and Earth throughout the year.

The agency indicated that Saturn reaches the position of encounter with the sun once a year, as it was in the position of encounter with the sun the last time on August 2 last year, while it will reach the encounter with the sun again on August 27, 2023.

On: 08-13-2022

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