Einat and Liron watched the episode together

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With all due respect to Mano and Nitzan, Einat Ben-Moshe and Liron Paz presented a sticky and in love relationship, one that looks like the real thing, from the first moment to the end: and also the little crisis that came after the couples’ weekend, they managed to overcome together.

This is exactly why neither of the viewers of “Wedding at First Sight” was surprised when the two announced out loud in the decision episode that aired yesterday (Tuesday) that they choose to stay together and give the relationship experience in real life, outside the cameras.

Unfortunately, people close to the couple tell us, the relationship that at first seemed promising did not succeed in the routine of life outside and after a short time the two decided to separate.

Photo: From “Wedding at First Sight”, Keshet 12

But yesterday, Einat and Liron decided to watch the decision episode together and also did not hide it in a particularly sweet picture they uploaded to Instagram. Around the two explain that they have indeed separated, but something in watching the program “stimulates things in them again” so the choice to watch the last episode together makes sense. Those associates also do not rule out that Einat and Liron will make another attempt, now that they can run freely.

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