El Cadillal, Escaba and Pueblo Viejo, uncertain destination

El Cadillal, Escaba and Pueblo Viejo, uncertain destination

2023-05-28 02:00:00

The hydroelectric concessions originated during the privatizations in the Menem presidency of the 90s begin to expire this year in August with the great works of Comahue: Chocón, Planicie Banderita, Alicurá and Piedra del Águila. This situation leads to making important decisions for the National State: Extend the concessions? Generate new ones? Return the works to the State? Under what modalities? All in a critical circumstance for the country. In the province of Tucumán, its main hydraulic works: El Cadillal, Escaba and Pueblo Viejo are under a concession that expires in July 2026. These are works that, despite being of great importance for the province in terms of providing drinking water to the population , water for industries and for agricultural irrigation, and provide protection against fluvial floods, are of little significance as generators of electric power both for the province, for the NOA and for the National Electric System. It is highly probable that the national State adopts strategies more determined by the large hydroelectric developments of Comahue, Patagonia and Cuyo than by the small ones in the Center and North of the country. On the other hand, the works in Tucumán have already completed their amortization period and to extend their useful life they require significant investments. Tucumán is faced with the challenge of assuming the exploitation of these hydraulic works that are the basic support of its economy and the needs of the population. He has three years to evaluate the path to follow and face the institutional and organizational transformations to face the future of these works and the problems of water resources in the province.

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