Elderly couple denied to take Corona vaccine after possessed by god and took CM’s name | Covid Vaccine: The grandmother who refused to get the corona injection

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Puducherry: The Puducherry government is working in full swing to provide 100 per cent corona vaccination. Health workers go to the homes of those who have not been vaccinated and vaccinate.

The prank made by the elderly couple who bowed their heads as Corona Uzia could not bear went viral on social media. In this situation, in Pondicherry, in the Mettupalayam, Dhanvanthi Nagar area, health workers were engaged in the task of vaccinating by going house to house.

Residents were encouraged to get vaccinated, citing the importance of vaccinating against corona.

At the time, a woman named Velvizhi, who works as a health worker, told an elderly couple living in a cottage in the area to get vaccinated. The closet video of that grandmother doing it goes viral on social media.

At the time, the elderly couple, fearful of getting the corona vaccine, vowed not to get the corona vaccine. At the urging of the health worker, the grandmother pulled over as Sami came. The bewildered health worker was stunned at what he was doing.

The health workers left the area thinking that they could not deal with the woman who had spoken the name of the Puducherry Chief Minister and said that Rangasamy knew. This video is currently spreading on social media. Watching the video, many people have responded in various ways and made jokes.

In this situation, as the daughter of Tamil Nadu, I ask everyone to get vaccinated, said the Deputy Governor of the State of Pondicherry, Tamilisai Saundarajan. Saundarajan met reporters after attending the wedding of AIADMK state council member Thampi Thurai’s daughter in Salem.

He said it was important to get vaccinated to protect against the new type of Omicron Corona infection, adding that those who were vaccinated with the first dose should be vaccinated immediately and those who were not vaccinated should take immediate action to get the first dose.

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