Election workers jumped out at short notice all over Berlin

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Berlin The election officer from the Pankow district had already reported on Saturday that 70 election workers in his area of ​​responsibility jumped out at short notice. As a result, a telephone hotline was set up for people who want to help out on the spot. “You can also hear from other Berlin districts that election workers have dropped out at short notice,” said Geert Baasen from the office of the regional election officer of the Berliner Zeitung on Sunday.

That happened again and again in other elections. This time, an unusually large number of volunteers had volunteered in the spring. At the time, this was mainly attributed to the fact that they should preferably be vaccinated against Corona and that there were long waiting times for vaccination appointments at that time. But it is unclear whether there is a connection to the current cancellations, says Baasen.

“Our telephone hotline was a success,” said Pankower election supervisor Marc Albrecht of the Berliner Zeitung. “We were able to attract around 50 to 60 new election workers at short notice. We were able to close the gaps with us. ”A total of around 3500 election workers are on duty in Pankow.

The districts have previously formed reserves

“However, the districts assumed that fewer election workers would appear than had promised,” says Baasen. That is why the districts had previously built up larger reserves of election workers who they can now fall back on to secure elections everywhere. “We haven’t heard of any acute problems so far,” said Baasen.

A total of around 34,000 election workers are on duty across Berlin this Sunday. With this mass of people, someone can always fall ill for a short time. They have to justify their absence to the districts very conclusively and also show a doctor’s certificate in the event of illness. Anyone who does not do their voluntary work as an election worker for no reason is committing an administrative offense. “There is a threat of a fine of up to 1000 euros,” said Baasen.

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