Elections in Israel, the final ballot confirms the political stalemate

Elections in Israel, the final counting of votes confirms the political stalemate

Political stalemate for the elections in Israel. After the country went to the polls for the fourth time in two years, the final ballot confirms a situation of paralysis. According to the data, the Likud of Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu it is confirmed by far the first party with 30 seats, but its coalition stops at 52 deputies, under the majority of 61. The anti-Netanyahu camp sees the secular centrist party Yesh Atid in the lead with 17 seats. In total there are 57 deputies, including the United Arab List. The right-wing Yamina party with 7 and the Arab Islamist Ra’am with 4 did not commit themselves to one side or the other. The results will be presented Wednesday to President Reuven Rivlin who will open consultations to form the new government. Many commentators fear that we will end up voting for a fifth time. Specifically, the final results of the elections in Israel they see Likud reaching 30 seats in the Netanyahu camp, the ultra-Orthodox Shas 9 and United Judaism parties in the Torah 7, ultra-right of religious Zionism 6. For the parties opposed to Netanyahu, the centrists of Yesh Atid reach 17 seats, Blue and White 8 , the left of Labor 7 and Meretz 6. While the right of Yisrael Beitenou reaches 7 seats and New Hope 6. Against Netanyahu also the united Arab List that reaches 6 seats. Followed by Yamina with 7 and Ra’am who closes with 4.


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