Elections in Spain: The risky game of Pedro Sánchez

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2023-05-30 20:32:00

The prime minister hopes to outdo the conservatives with fear of right-wing extremists and a short election campaign. But the starting position is not rosy.

Pedro Sanchez is a master of political poker: Spain’s prime minister has managed to stay in power since 2018, thanks in part to surprising changes – despite wafer-thin majorities, daring coalitions and multiple new elections. Risk puts the Social Democrats in top form, especially when it comes to high stakes.

That he is now after the mega defeat for the Linke Calling early parliamentary elections on an impossible date during the regional vote is typical of his style. July 23 not only falls in the middle of the summer holidays, but also shakes the entire Spanish EU– Presidency mess, which starts on July 1st.

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