Elections Rome, the Gualtieri fantasy-politics. From Elodie to Gianotti: here are the names for the imaginary junta of the center-left candidate

“First of all Fabiola Gianotti, director of CERN, a great scientist, to whom I would give responsibility for science, innovation, relations with universities. I think Rome must be a capital of science and research, so who better than her. For the second name I am undecided, we want the Rome of the neighborhoods so I would joke about Laird and the areas, though Elodie she is a very good Roman singer and has also expressed courageous positions on rights, with a delegation, for example, to the areas of music for young people ”. So to “Il Confronto”, on Sky TG24, the candidate for mayor of Rome for the center-left Roberto Gualtieri, speaking of the names he would hypothetically choose in an imaginary junta, choosing from a list of characters proposed by the head that contained the emperor Augustus, Fabiola Gianotti, Giulio Andreotti, the Sora Lella, Elodie and Zdenek Zeman.

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