Electric G-Class is already being planned

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WITHu One of the more frustrating experiences in the automotive world is trying to order a G-Class. Whoever goes to the dealer today has to wait a year or two. That is quite a considerable test of patience, since the angular Mercedes-Benz is a car that has been built virtually unchanged since 1979, is a lavish off-road vehicle, has internal combustion engines on board and is therefore better today than tomorrow, according to the sometimes widespread reading May dinosaurs follow.

Holger Apple

Editor in business, responsible for “Technology and Engine”.

The customers are clearly resisting the supposed extinction, which is also a little unfortunate for Mercedes. Because if you put down at least 105,000 euros, you usually don’t have it that way with patience. The risk of losing customers to the competition is great. In this case, it is of course manageable, the Defender should be mentioned first of all. Both the Land Rover and the G-Class have recently been given a new technical edition, and both are optically based on the successful original model. And that’s how Mercedes will keep it when the G-Class is expected to come onto the market with electric drive from 2024 onwards. The model then called EQG is not intended to replace the one with a combustion engine, but rather to be offered in parallel.

The fully electric model should also have those outstanding off-road talents that have always distinguished the G-Class. Like its siblings, it will have to cope with the notorious test track on Graz’s local mountain, the Schöckl, promises the development team. It remains with the ladder frame in which the batteries are integrated. Independent wheel suspension is provided on the front axle, while a newly developed rigid axle for the electric drive is used at the rear. Four electric motors close to the wheel are planned, which can be controlled individually. Mercedes emphasizes the great torque from a standing start, the high pulling power and the good controllability of the power delivery. Thanks to the switchable gearbox, the EQG should also blend in with the terrain in “low range mode”. Instead of the spare wheel, a box is provided at the rear in which charging cables can be found. Much more is not yet revealed. Weight, range and price remain a trade secret for the time being.


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