Electric motorcycle causes fire inside a house in Diez de Octubre

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2023-11-28 19:03:34

Text: Hugo León

A fire presumably caused by the explosion of an electric motorcycle consumed the interior of a home in Luyanó, Havana municipality of Diez de Octubre, in the afternoon of this Monday.

According to local residents on social media, fortunately at the time the flames started there were no people inside the house, so no loss of life is reported.

However, given the magnitude of the fire, the interior of the building and the objects inside it suffered extensive damage. In this regard, one of the people who videotaped what happened exclaimed during the filming that nothing should be left there.

In the same recording, several light explosions are heard and large flames are seen coming out of a window and the upper part of the door of the house, as well as dense black smoke.

The same neighbors alerted the firefighters, but they did not dare to approach the place, which was later applauded by several Internet users on social networks, who recalled that the most important thing is people’s lives, not the property that could be lost.

According to other posts on Facebook, in areas near the fire there was another similar incident hours before, as Internet users showed images of several fire trucks traveling along the Calzada de Luyanó itself in the direction of the Virgen del Camino, a highly traveled point in the city. .

This is by no means the first of the fires in Havana caused by the explosion of motorbikes or electric motorcycles. In October, a powerful fire left more than a dozen motorcycles burned in a parking lot in Reparto Bahía, in the east of the capital.

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In recent months, malfunctions of electric motorcycles have caused dozens of fires throughout the country, leaving dozens of dead and million-dollar material losses.

For many people, these types of incidents are getting out of hand and authorities must be more rigorous in controlling motor vehicles of this type. In this regard, the police and the Ministry of the Interior announced that they will soon proceed to register all the missing motorcycles in the island’s vehicle registry.

Serious defects are rarely the responsibility of the manufacturer, Internet users agree on social networks.

The problem, they say, is in the unnecessary modifications made to the motorcycles, and the bad practices of their owners, who leave them charging for long hours and without supervision, or do not comply with what is established by the battery producers, which is to give give the equipment a rest before loading it or after loading it.

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