Elementary school bans the Bible for “vulgarity and violence”

Elementary school bans the Bible for “vulgarity and violence”

2023-06-04 19:46:33

NOTICIACRISTIANA.COM- According to the local media outlet, Salt Lake Tribunea parent complained that the Bible “does not have serious values, for minors, because it is pornographic, according to our new definition.”

Many have described the complaint as a form of revenge as a national controversy has erupted over the removal of books in several states with conservative groups targeting primarily books with references to gender and sexuality.

The Utah legislator initially rejected calls to ban the Bible, but changed their minds after realizing it was challenging reading for younger children, reports Christian News.

The district ruled that the Bible does not violate the 2022 law, but includes “vulgarity or violence not appropriate for younger students”; however, the book will continue to be available at local high schools.

Last year, a Texas school district also removed the Bible from its shelves, in response to a request by a conservative group to remove other books from schools.

A similar request is currently underway in Kansas after students requested that the Bible be removed from their school library.

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