Elimination of Bnei Shlomo: The four suspects of involvement in the murder were brought before a judge

The elimination of Bnei Shlomo: The four young residents of the center, members of the Jaroshi crime family, who were arrested yesterday on suspicion of involvement in the assassination of the head of the Bnei Shlomo crime organization at the gas station in the area, were brought before a judge today (Tuesday) for a hearing on the extension of their detention. The arrest of the three suspects in the murder was extended by six days, and the arrest of the fourth suspect was extended by three days. As mentioned, the police attribute to three of the suspects direct involvement in the murder and other crimes, while the fourth suspect is related to assistance after the murder.

An earthquake in the underworld: the head of the crime organization Bnei Shlomo was eliminated in the area
The upheaval in the underworld: an assessment that the revenge for the elimination of Bnei Shlomo is only a matter of time

Sources in the world of crime believe: “This was just the opening shot, an event like this must lead to a reaction, opposite events are expected.” In addition, a senior police official also stated: “Bnei Shlomo was in open conflict with a number of criminal organizations, so it is not impossible that a number of organizations cooperated together to carry out this assassination in order to remove and ‘kick’ Shlomo out of the game, and thus actually silence noises around the organizations These in everything related to conflicts with them. However, each of them is a different conflict. He accumulated difficult opponents, so that many had an interest in eliminating him.”

The police alerted Shlomo to the information in their possession, according to which an extermination order had been issued against him and there are parties who will not be silent until the order is actually issued in their view, and they will see his death. The police said that they “prefer not to comment on yesterday’s assassination event in regards to what happened at the scene, but without a doubt the possibility of a ‘Red Riding Hood’ exercise that they did for him is being examined, when they coordinated a meeting with him at the door station and with perfect timing the vehicle arrived with the masked assassins in it.”

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The head of the crime organization, Bnei Shlomo, was killed yesterday by masked assassins who shot him and another person at a gas station on the Shiva road, near the area. As I recall, the event began at 2:30 p.m., when a jeep with three assassins arrived at the gas station. Two of them got off and started running towards the head of the crime organization and apparently a security guard who was with him, and fired from short range while the head of the organization and his security guard tried to escape by running to the road and were almost hit by a truck and a car that passed by. As a result of the shooting, Shlomo was fatally injured and his friend was seriously injured. Upon their arrival at Wolfson Hospital, Shlomo was pronounced dead, while his friend entered the operating room.

The head of the crime organization Bnei Shlomo was killed at a gas station in the area (photo: police spokespersons)

As part of the police investigation, the officers were able to trace the identities of four suspects who are suspected to be directly involved in the murder case, and an extensive manhunt was launched for them, which began in the evening and ended with their arrest. Three of them were arrested in the Gedera area while they were in the vehicle, and another suspect was arrested after being located at Ben Gurion Airport. The suspects, residents of the center in the 1920s, were brought to the Lakish district attorney’s offices, where they will be questioned on suspicion of murder.


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