Élisabeth Roudinesco’s attack on racial and gender conformism

The new book by Jacques Lacan’s biographer: “Who will choose to destroy what? The state, the suffering subjects, the angry crowds? Who denounces whom?”

The streaming platform Twitch has backed down on the decision to change the wording of women. The company said it would use the term “womxn” to be more gender neutral and inclusive. A word that became popular after the accusation that the term women had patriarchal roots. We are in the midst of the identity wars he talks about Elisabeth Roudinesco in your new book, Yourself as a King, Essay on Identity Drifts, leaving from Seuil. Attacks the concept of “intersectionality”, an American theory that is becoming hegemonic and according to which the different forms of inequality and discrimination are mixed with each other. African American women are more subject to discrimination than white women are. And trans African American women are at the pinnacle of victimhood, above even lesbians.

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