Elisabetta Gregoraci in the bathtub with a gift that leaves you breathless (photo)

Elisabetta Gregoraci in the bathtub with 300 red roses

Beautiful surprise for Elisabetta Gregoraci from a secret admirer: the showgirl took a picture in the bathtub with … 300 red roses. Very romantic gift. Only Eli admits he doesn’t know who sent them. “Thanks .. whoever you are”, he writes in the post on Instagram. “Amoreeee you deserve them all”, he comments Matilde Brandi who shared for a few weeks with Eli the house of the Big Brother Vip 5.

Cristina D’Avena, what a neckline of the fairy. Fans: “Pufferbacco”

Cristina D’Avena gives a social good morning to her fans with a very beautiful photo: no makeup (#nomakeup #nofilter underlines in the hastags), showing her soap and water beauty, with a black top that highlights a super neckline. The décolleté is applause. Fans approve of the singer’s photo. “Percentage of heart attacks: 200%”, they write to her. “Remove your make-up you are even more beautiful”, underline the followers of the fairy who made generations and generations of children sing. “Pufferbacco”, the funny exclamation of some Cristina D’Avena fans.

Valentina Ferragni without a bra: explosive. Chiara (Ferragni): “But wow”

Valentina Ferragni gives a breathtaking photo from the beaches of Versilia: open nail that reveals the breasts. And he jokes with his followers: “I pushed my b … to make them look bigger”. The sister, Chiara Ferragni approves: “But wow”. In recent days Valentina had posted a pole dance video: “I’ve never felt so beautiful in my body, I’ve never felt so strong and powerful. People will always judge my body, but it won’t interest me anymore.”

Alessia Marcuzzi, selfie at the hotel

Alessia Marcuzzi once again conquers her followers with a shot that enhances her beauty. The presenter posts a selfie wearing a black bra and dark glasses. ‘Put a night in the hotel’, he writes. “Unica ‘,’ Adoroh ‘,’ Stupenda ‘, the comments of approval for the beautiful Alessia are wasted.

Ilary Blasi in the tub, Elettra Lamborghini: “Bonaaa”. And Francesco Totti …

Ilary Blasi post a nice black and white photo in the tub. A little relaxation after the third episode ofIsland of the Famous 2021 (full of twists and turns with Tommaso Zorzi who risked a sensational spolier live). The presenter of the Canale 5 reality show is holding a glass. IS Francesco Totti he jokes about it: “That was water for sure.” The columnist of the island, Elettra Lamborghini, instead he focuses on the sparkling beauty of Ilary Blasi and comments: “Bonaaa”

Alessia Marcuzzi naked embraced by a beautiful model

Alessia Marcuzzi creates a unisex beauty line: a very nice initiative, the conductor of Hyenas debuts with a series of body products. The spot leaves its mark and immediately proves to be very effective: the showgirl is clinging to a young model without clothes. An artistic shot much appreciated by the social media audience. “Now you have to explain to me why you didn’t choose me as a model. What’s got that one there that I don’t have? ”, The friend’s joking comment Rudy Zerbi.

Wanda Nara, selfie in the elevator: low-cut dress, fans in ecstasy: “What a bomb”

The selfie in the elevator of Wanda Nara drives his followers crazy. Lady Icardi It’s a show. The eye of many followers falls on a 10 and praise neckline. “What a bomb”, “I love you”, are some of the many comments of appreciation for the attacker’s wife under the Psg. Wanda, in support of the photo, among other things, asked a question that opened the debate in her audience: “Trust climbs the stairs and goes down in the elevator … do you agree? I never trust the same person twice. . Should we give it a second chance? “. Among other things, there are the many Italian fans who miss Wanda Nara and Icardi: who knows what summer Maurito, after two years a Paris, can’t return to some top Serie A clubs. Some transfer market rumors bode well …

Breathtaking Cecilia Rodriguez, costume fitting: side A and side B …. The photos

Cecilia Rodriguez posts a couple of bikini pics that leave her four million fans on Instagram breathless. The Argentine showgirl wears a model designed by her and her sister Belen (they created costume brand Me Fui). And if side A shows an explosive physique …

… side B is a standing ovation. “Wow Chechu what a show, perfect bottom”, the fans write to her. It’s raining like. The compliments are for Cecilia and also for the bikinis. “You are crazy Chechunita, ❤️❤️❤️ fantastic costume”. “New spectacular collection good Chechu”.

Elisabetta Canalis: transparent dress, dreamy side and high heel

“Cloudy”, scrive Elisabetta Canalis. Luckily she is there, a ray of sunshine that sweeps the clouds across the Milan sky. The Sardinian showgirl posts a video in which she appears with a tight dress that enhances her perfect body: dreamy B-side and transparencies that hypnotize Eli’s millions of fans. “The gracefulness, the spontaneity, the naturalness”, writes one of her followers among the many comments of appreciation.

Taylor Mega: “Talk to me behind my back if you can.” The dream photos

Taylor Mega takes a walk in the streets of the center of Milan (Vittorio Emanuele II gallery) and gives a couple of absolutely breathtaking photos. “Speak to me behind my back if you can …”, writes the 27-year-old model e influence (2.5 million followers on Instagram) sporting a salmon suit and ultra-short shorts. “But then there are goddesses”, “Fabulous”, comment the fans of Taylor Mega. And there are over 400 thousand likes in a few days.

Caterina Balivo, a dream dress in honor of Sanremo 2021

“Divanati for #Sanremo? 🤪” he writes Caterina Balivo on Instagram. The beautiful and beloved Neapolitan presenter (recently protagonist in the jury in Masked Singer 2 who saw Red Canzian’s victory) shows off a dress that her followers approve with enthusiastic likes and comments. “Divanato in front of the divine Catherine”, “Particular signs: beautiful”, “Catherine you are wonderful” reads among the many messages of love that the social media sends to Caterina Balivo.

Elisabetta Canalis, fuego red: Eli launches the challenge of La Casa di Carta in Tokyo

Elisabetta Canalis it is shown all in red style Tokyo from The House of Paper (Netflix cult series). Indeed, he specifies: “I am Milan”, is the funny post – accompanied by a laughing emoticon – of the Sardinian showgirl with a lot of hastag #lacasadepapel. “You would look great, in the TV series, Elisabetta !! ❤️❤️”, writes one of her millions of fans. How to blame him?

In the past few hours Elisabetta Canalis had posted a photo in the mirror that made her followers go crazy …

Anna Tatangelo, transparent dress that seduces her followers. The photos

Anna Tatangelo gives a social shot in which she is beautiful and intriguing. Totally transparent evening dress in the lower part.

“For 19 years I have always felt called that, always. The songs of LA TATANGELO, the make-up or hair of LA TATANGELO, the way of dressing of LA TATANGELO and her private life. evil is me, the me proud of all the barriers that over the years I have overcome.But let’s face it, at least here among us, a little tired at times wanting to make it clear to many people that “go up on a stage” or “play with the image “, and being the real girl every day, are” two distinct and separate things. “The first is the artist who plays worlds, characters, enjoys experimenting, in short, THE famous TATANGELO … but guys the second it’s me, ANNA.I have often had to demonstrate my musical world more than any artist in Italy, precisely because over the years there has always been someone who had something to say about me, but about ANNA or about LA TATANGELO? border, even if clear, can become blurred in this crazy artistic world of ours …. “, he wrote and accompanying the post.


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