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The queen who is preparing for her uninterrupted 70 years of reign (which will celebrate in 2022) appeared on the set of Coronation Street, the soap of the records. Like his kingdom. The first time the spotlight on the British television series came on was December 9, 1960. Ten thousand episodes, and generations of the Queen’s fellow citizens, conquered like her by the daily events that have taken place ever since in a quintessentially British city. Rebuilt in the ITV studios in Trafford, Manchester.

Three months ago the farewell to Filippo

Rather than rest – exactly three months today from the death of Prince Philip on 9 April – Elizabeth II seems to want to amaze again with her smile and quick step despite her 95 years of age. This week he also credited the new Chinese ambassador to London, Zheng Zeguang, to St James’s court: a virtual hearing in video link from Windsor Castle.

Buckingham Palace apre ai pic nin

Meanwhile, Buckingham Palace, in the post-Covid summer, today opens its magnificent garden to tourists: for the first time it is possible to have a picnic on the green lawn treated like a Persian carpet, of His Majesty’s palace. The entrance tickets sold out immediately within a few hours at the opening of sales months ago, but the Royal Collection Trust, which takes care of Buckingham Palace as well as Windsor and other manors across the Channel, today invites you to try: Una giving up at the last moment can always happen.

William and the final at Wembley

So as London prepares to host the final of the European Football Championships on Sunday – Prince William, president of the British Football Association, and about China a few years ago visiting Beijing on behalf of His Majesty, his august grandmother, conquered the Chinese with his dribbles and football skills – the royal gardens are open to the public.

In the gardens of George IV

The opportunity to admire the beauty of Elizabeth’s garden. Queen Charlotte, who loved Kew’s light air and her retreat in nature away from London, hadn’t paid too much attention to the greenery around King George III’s new city palace. And so it was George IV, the then sovereign, lover of beauty, always and at any cost, who asked William townsend Aiton, head gardener of the Kew garden, to think about the garden, and the monumental spaces behind Buckingham Palace. Then, over time, the garden where every summer – except for the interruption of the last two years due to the pandemic – the queen welcomes the guests of her Garden Parties, has been enriched with some elements such as the Palladian-inspired temple added by John Vardy.

The vase of Waterloo

A temple that was actually originally imagined for Admiralty House, not far from here, and that only at the end of the nineteenth century was moved into the nature surrounding the building. But of the Buckingham Palace garden, the silent and unchanging protagonist – in the constant change of the nature that surrounds it – certainly the Waterloo Vase. It is so called because the frieze that decorates it tells the last lines of the Battle of Waterloo, with the Duke of Wellington on his horse. A vase that is also a bit Italian since it was obtained from a monumental block of Carrara marble.

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