Elon Musk announced the threat of bankruptcy SpaceX

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The founder of the space company SpaceX, American entrepreneur Elon Musk, sent an e-mail to his employees in which he announced the threat of bankruptcy, according to CNBC. This is due to poor progress in the development of Raptor rocket engines.

Musk stressed that the situation is now even worse than a few weeks ago. “We will face a real risk of bankruptcy if we cannot reach Starship frequency at least once every two weeks next year,” he warned.

Musk added that he intends to go on a long vacation after Thanksgiving (it passed on November 25), but after learning about the situation with missiles, he decided to stay at work for a few days. He described the emerging situation as a “catastrophe.”

The Raptor is a liquid propellant rocket engine for the Starships. The peculiarity of the engine is that it is designed to run on liquid methane and oxygen. Now it is being developed, Musk hoped to install the Raptor on SpaceX spaceships in the future.


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