Elon Musk has until the end of October to complete the Twitter purchase

Elon Musk has until the end of October to complete the Twitter purchase

The Delaware Judge Kathleen McCormickin charge of the case that he was going to face Elon Musk Already Twitter starting next week, has delayed the start of the trial to the next October 28, which allows the tycoon to have more time to close the purchase of the social network in exchange for 44,000 million dollars. In the event that the two parties do not complete the transaction by then, the trial will finally begin next November.

Tesla’s chief executive announced earlier this week that he was resuming his plan to buy the platform from the birdie after trying to break the agreement reached with the site last July. Musk then argued that the social network had not been transparent about the number of fake accounts and spam bots operating within it.

According to the ‘Bloomberg’ agency, the negotiations to conclude the new agreement at the originally agreed price -of 54.20 dollars per share- are stalled due to the financing of the debt for the purchase. This would have caused the social network has refused to withdraw the lawsuit filed against the executive to go ahead with the transaction.

“Continuing the trial is not only a huge waste of resources for the parties and the court, but it will reduce the ability of the parties to conclude the transaction,” Musk’s representatives said in statements collected by AFP.

Meanwhile, in the social network they have doubts that the tycoon, now yes, is for the work of solving the financing problem and going ahead with the purchase. “On numerous occasions,” Musk’s entourage “failed to respect his obligation to do everything possible to close the deal,” Twitter’s lawyers responded.

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“For months, (Musk) has launched increasingly implausible accusations to delay the process (…), accusations that were shown to be baseless” during the preliminary hearings, they assured. “Now, on the eve of the trial, they say they want to close” the operation. «’Have confidence,’ they say; ‘it’s serious this time’, ironizes the social network.


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