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New York ∙ The Neuralink company aims to test the microdevice (implant) placed in the brain in humans within the next 6 months. Company owner Elon Musk revealed this at an event in California. Musk also said that he has sought permission from the US authorities for this.

Neuralink is a company based on the concept of Brain Computer Interface, which connects the human brain with computer-based devices.

The coin-sized chip is intended to be implanted into the skull with the help of a robot. From this there are delicate wires leading to the brain. It is hoped that if the device can be connected to the brain, it can be used to control various other external devices as needed.

For example, those who cannot use a smartphone due to physical weakness, can do so through a device that receives instructions from the brain.

Neuralink, founded in 2016, is developing research to treat brain diseases, diseases and injuries affecting the nervous system. For those who have lost their vision due to various reasons, Neuralink may open the way to regain it, and for those who are unable to move their muscles to operate digital devices.

English Summary: Elon Musk hopes to test brain chip in humans soon


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