Elon Musk spoke about SpaceX and Tesla investments in bitcoin

The businessman Elon Musk said that he personally and his companies Tesla and SpaceX own bitcoins. According to the American entrepreneur, he has also invested in Ethereum and Dogecoin.

“I own bitcoin, Tesla owns bitcoin, SpaceX owns bitcoin,” Musk said at The B Word.

The billionaire admitted that Tesla is likely to resume accepting bitcoins as payment. “It looks like bitcoin is actively shifting towards renewable energy,” added Mr. Musk. Together with him, the founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey and the head of the asset manager of ARK Invest Katie Wood took part in the conference.

Against the background of the entrepreneur’s statements, the price of the Ethereum cryptocurrency rose by more than 12% and approached the maximum mark, CNBC reported.

In May, Elon Musk reportedthat Tesla has suspended the sale of its vehicles for bitcoin due to the use of fossil fuels for mining cryptocurrency, in particular coal. According to the entrepreneur, Tesla will again accept Bitcoin payments when this cryptocurrency becomes more sustainable.

About the influence of the entrepreneur’s statements – in the material of “Kommersant” “Elon Musk brought down bitcoin.”



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