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Yes – you’re looking right. Two times Ronaldo! Twice beautiful bellies.

One of them was eliminated from the European Championship before last Sunday (June 27th) with Portugal: Cristiano Ronaldo (36).

The other is on vacation off the coast of Ibiza: Ronaldo (44).

The motto: EM-AUS! BELLY OUT!

CR7 sits thoughtfully in a garden, red-tinted sunglasses on his nose, an (empty?) Coffee cup in hand.

Is he brooding again on the knockout round defeat against Belgium (0: 1)?

In the center of the photo: his steeled and tanned six-pack. He’s wearing these for a walk on vacation. He is currently spending time with his partner Georgina Rodriguez and his four children on the sun deck of a yacht.

The Portuguese writes about the family photo on Instagram: “Time to rest with my loved ones.”

The Brazilian Ronaldo, president of Spain’s second division Real Valladolid, holds a pool noodle in his hand – and presents his well-fed stomach.

He’s also on vacation right now – with his girlfriend Celina.

Photo: GTres / SplashNews.com

“data-zoom-src =” https://bilder.bild.de/fotos/ronaldo-mit-seiner-schwimmnudel-e7aed085a1f2440fb6d9d500b5f4635e-76996152/Bild/2.bild.jpg “/>

Ronaldo with his pool noodlePhoto: GTres / SplashNews.com

And as luck would have it, Ronaldo meets Zlatan Ibrahimovic (39) in the western Mediterranean. The Swedish legend, still under contract with AC Milan until 2022, posted a photo together with “Il Fenomeno” (Eng: The Phenomenon) and wrote: “Just imagine Ronaldo.”

The two world stars have three clubs together (FC Barcelona, ​​Inter and AC Milan), but were never under contract with them at the same time.

Ronaldo, the 2002 world champion who ended his football career in February 2011, has held 51 percent of the shares in Real Valladolid since September 2018 and is president of the club.

One thing is clear: as a functionary you no longer need a well-trained body …


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