“Emergency open heart surgery, I would have died in two months”

“Emergency open heart surgery, I would have died in two months”

2023-09-24 21:10:00

Enrica Bonaccorti underwent emergency open heart surgery: “Two more months and I would have died”, she reveals in a long post on Facebook. “One day at the beginning of July I started to have a terrible itch everywhere, my whole body became bright red in spots, I looked like that burnt little girl running away from Hiroshima. I hadn’t changed anything in my diet or medications, I hadn’t taken any sun, in short it was just my body screaming that something was wrong”, says the actress and presenter, retracing the stages of the story.

“Obviously I have myself checked thoroughly by a doctor who finds a stone in a kidney (which by the way had never given me any pain). However they decide to intervene, after all it is a banal operation, but the cardiologists, the Prof Leo, Prof Saglia, and Prof Giulio Speciale, together with Dr Quintarelli, come to me the next day with a dark face to tell me that there is something wrong with the heart, a CT scan is needed, then a coronary angiography, from which they establish that my arteries are all blocked, a couple of months and I could leave”, he explains in the message.

The doctors “first think of stents, but they are not enough. We need 4 bypasses, taking veins from the legs to reconstruct an alternative path that brings blood flow to the heart. It will be an open heart operation, which lasted a total of eight hours Moral of the story: they told me that I had great luck, an accidental discovery that saved my life, also because I was entrusted to Prof Massimo Massetti, director of the cardiovascular sciences department of the Gemelli Polyclinic, who together with Dr Lauria and his team operated on me. I owe my life to them. And also the quality of life they made me live from the beginning of July to now.”

“Surrounded by wonderful people, their humanity in taking care of me allowed me to overcome the pain, the worries, the accidents that the thinness of my sternum caused. I have always felt in capable and affectionate hands, I will not be never grateful enough to Prof Massetti and to every single nurse who took care of me. Started at Paideia, then at Mater Dei, both at the Gemelli Polyclinic, up to the ARS bio Medica, the last step of this long journey, where the Prof Mancone with the rehabilitation and Dr Chiariello, the prince of my sternum reconstruction, are helping me to return to you”, he says thanking the doctors. “Take advantage of my experience, check yourself as much as you can, hoping above all that you have the same luck I had! I can’t wait to meet you again! I hope as soon as possible.”

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