Emiliano Fernández, general secretary of Buenos Aires socialism, celebrated Lawyer’s Day

Emiliano Fernández, general secretary of Buenos Aires socialism, celebrated Lawyer’s Day

2023-08-29 16:29:51

The general secretary of the Socialist Party of the province of Buenos Aires, Emiliano Fernandezcelebrated the day of the lawyer in their social networks.

He former councilor of La Plata, who practices the profession of lawyer in his law firm, stood out through the poem known as “Yo el abogado” by Horacio Alberto Vero.

The one who goes through the courts every morning

and that he is in a hurry for that written charge.

The one who supports the wait, the one who benches the strikes,

and you must put your face justifying the delay.

The one who opens the desk and goes out to earn the mango,

because the bills come and everything continues to be dispatched.

The one who does not have licenses, nor wages, nor aguinaldo,

and you must fight it hard, because it is charged by skipping.

I am the lawyer.

Many times as a lawsuit, unjustly accused.

The one that everyone consults when they are in a hurry

in the street, in the cinema, and in line at the market,

and to whom no one asks: Doctor, are you owed something?

I am the lawyer.

The one who so many times puts his patience as a craftsman

to reach the end with insolvent debtor.

The one of certificates and offices, to lung filled out.

The one who must tolerate the collapsed system,

the new provisions of Income and Cadastre,

the stamps of the Registry and the humor of the official.

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I am the lawyer.

The one who acts as a strategist, as a confessor, and as a bad guy,

mediator and friend, psychologist and brother.

The one that comes out heads or tails, with fog or rain traveling,

because they just set an audience for him very early.

The one who bites his lips because the witness has failed.

The one who suffers tachycardia while reading the ruling.

From the counter, over here. From the hallway, that’s clear.

The one who runs through Courts, for months and years.

It is worth remembering that on August 29, Lawyer’s Day is celebrated in homage to Juan Bautista Alberdi, writer, and intellectual author of the Argentine Constitution of 1853.

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