Emmanuel Macron and the youth: Pif… and bam!

Emmanuel Macron and the youth: Pif… and bam!

EDITORIAL – As promised in my editorial the day before, Macron 3DI return today to the interview that Emmanuel Macron gave on February 20, 2023 to the quarterly magazine Pif, published this March 29, 2023.

I wrote wanting to take the time to reflect on this. Sleep on it. Let’s see if I slept well.

Nothing in Emmanuel Macron’s communication is left to chance, not to say at random. Thus, the choice of this interview in this magazine can only be the fruit of a carefully thought-out political decision, “a fact on purpose”.

Namely, broach with teenagers the specific subject of his resignation. This while making a clever calculation that this interview would be made public at the height of the popular protest currently being waged in the street.

Emmanuel Macron, as a strategist, knew these large-scale demonstrations were inevitable – especially after recourse to article 49.3 of the Constitution (which, too, had probably been “decided” even before the start of the mock debate in parliament).

These demonstrations are very harshly repressed. The images of “extreme” violence used by the police are in no way censored, either by the Government or by the so-called media. mainstream. Quite the contrary.

The government, the media and social networks highlight the participation of young people in these demonstrations. And this attracts the attention of international observers who are wondering about the escalation of violence and repression in France.

My gaze fell on a video which loops on the internet, and which BFMTV and others have “massively” echoed.

In this video, we see a 15-year-old high school student, an excellent speaker for his young age, displaying loud and clear the support of the youth for the protesters, according to him perfectly aware and fully concerned by the pension reform.

This young citizen has also been so highlighted that Brigitte Macron, in person, has made it known publicly that she wishes to meet him… in order to “to take charge of this burning issue”. Damn! What day is it ?

In addition, Emmanuel Macron had anticipated that he would be strongly mocked in the press for having chosen to express himself in this magazine for teens, this magazine being known – at the latest news – to be more schoolboy than intellectual.

Its owner was once Humanitythe press organ of the Communist Party, namely the hard (official) branch of the protest, before being bought and relaunched in 2020 by Frédéric Lefebvre, former spokesperson for the UMP and close to … Nicolas Sarkozy.

Now, the least that can be said, in terms of being very strongly mocked in the press on this subject, the incriminations in this sense, both in France and abroad, have most certainly exceeded – and from afar ! – the presumed expectations of the current tenant of the Élysée.

Is this maneuver part of its stated desire to add fuel to the fire, to accentuate as much as possible the scope and scale of this movement of social protest, namely so that it turns into “a huge crisis”?

A crisis expressly called for during this interview, in the response that Emmanuel Macron gave to the question of this 4th grade student (whom I already mentioned yesterday in the editorial Macron 3D), about the possibility of a resignation.

Goodbye! What crystallizes the anger of the French is not so much the pension reform. Wouldn’t it now be him? A majority of French people are now fed up with him (and his methods).

Thus, by using the words a huge crisisEmmanuel Macron urges disgruntled French people to redouble their commitment and intensity in the current social protest movement, as if that would push him to resign, according to the idea brought to their minds.

This is yet another deception, another at the same time.

What Emmanuel Macron will propose as a solution to counter this social protest movement, once it has reached the substantiality of a huge crisis, is not his own resignation. No.

It is that of Elisabeth Borne and her government, as perfect fuses. Remember during his last interview when asked by the journalist: for how long does Elisabeth Borne have your trust? Emmanuel Macron was careful not to answer.

And yes ! This was probably a foregone conclusion when the President appointed this person with an arrogance at least equivalent to his manifest disdain, coupled with a form of indecency, even manifest incompetence with regard to political action and the social dialogue.

Emmanuel Macron would thus have the perfect official excuse to justify the dissolution of the National Assembly. When ? When the violence of the current protest movement has been brought to chaos, to an ersatz civil war in the country.

Then, as I indicated previously, Macron will be able to quietly put on the clothes of the guarantor of order and security. Yes, but… And if youth didn’t stop there? Can we so easily develop Florentine plans as May approaches and make shots like multi-cushion billiards? It is not Machiavelli who wants!


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